When the school started in its new premises in 2007, consisting only of ground floor, there were just about 50 students. Within months the number increased to over 75 students in grades KG to 5th grade. And within next about three years, we were able to achieve another landmark, which was adding another floor to the building, which resulted in the availability of another about five classrooms, and a room for Library and computers. Our teaching staff has increased to 10 teachers, and a Principal. Now we have about 175 students, who are acquiring education of a high caliber, without having to pay a single penny! The school has earned the reputation of being the best school of its kind in the neighborhood; and it is a distinction for our school that many of our students who have completed 5th Grade were admitted in 7th Grade at other schools. When the new school year starts in May 2015, we are planning and hoping to be able to add the 6th Grade at the school; so that our current 5th graders won’t have to go to another school, where they’d have to pay a fee. For us to undertake this kind of expansion, we would desperately need the support and financial help from all who know the importance of educating our deprived children, for future betterment and success of Pakistan. We urge everyone to please open up your hearts and wallets to help our efforts in educating these poor children, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to go to a school, where they have to pay a fee.