Mrs. Amtul Mateen Nadira started a school in a very limited 2 small room unit in Surjani Town in 2002, with about 10 kids. Soon the number grew to about 30, which was the maximum that could be accommodated in the limited space. Witnessing this predicament, Mr. Syed Shujaat Ali decided to establish a proper school building in Surjani Town. He bought 400 sq. yds. Piece of land; and with the help of some other concerned individuals, and donations, the first phase of the school building was completed in early 2007; and the new school was inaugurated in March 2007.

Immediately, the number of students increased more than three fold.

The number of teachers increased from three to about six.

The donations and financial support from a number of our Donors, coupled with the dedication of the teachers; invaluable technical advice from some teaching community, and the prayers and well-wishes of a number of people has resulted in the establishment of this modern school; which has all the potentials of becoming an institute of learning for hundreds of deprived children in a very poor community.